With the new year coming, the 18th International Social and Public Security Expo (CPSE for short) with the theme of ” To be seen by the world ” ,which was grandly held from December 26th to December 29th, 2021 at the SZ Convention and Exhibition Center, in China. This is the first time that SZ has held a global security professional exhibition after the epidemic in 2020. The theme of this time exhibition focuses on new technologies and products of global smart security in many fields including smart cities, smart homes, and 5G.

As an excellent representative of Shenzhen’s local security industry, Shenzhen Zhongxi Security Co.,LTD brought its carefully selected products to the exhibition as scheduled, and showing the company’s latest research and innovation achievements to global customers, manufacturers and users in an all-round way, which is widely attention from the attendees.

In addition to the traditional surveillance camera products, Shenzhen Zhongxi Security Co.,LTD also launched PTZ, IP high-speed dome camera, smart home camera and face temperature detection terminal at this year’s Expo. Among them, the face temperature measurement panel is one of the most popular products in the market. Because it integrates automatic temperature measurement, attendance, people flow statistics, health code, EU code recognition and other functions all in one. Moreover, it is also easy to install and practical. Not only it has diversified functions, but also customers can customize according to its own needs, and can accurately meet the requirements of the downstream market. It has very high practical value for daily prevention and control in the current and post-epidemic era, and big data collection in public places.

Judging from the exhibitors and products of this Expo, with the wide application of new technologies and new concepts such as AI technology, 5G, and smart cities in the future, the industry boundary will gradually blur, and the development trend of global integration will inevitably bring about the security industry to develop a new turning point. Facing the upcoming opportunities and challenges, Shenzhen Zhongxi Security Co.,LTD will always be customer-oriented to fit the update marketing strategies in line with market changes, furthermore, continuously upgrade products also will innovate and expand new products in new fields in order to adapt to a broader market. The believe that strives to develop into a comprehensive company of the world’s best security product manufacturer still remains unchanged
It will be fully launched soon that longer battery life, lower energy consumption, night vision full-color, WIFI HD smart camera, so please to stay tuned!

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