The security industry recovers, and NIHON is working hard to move forward.

——Full record of NIHON security exhibitions in 2023

In the past two years, the global security industry, has been impacted by the epidemic, resulting in a decline in prosperity. China’s security enterprises have also experienced varying degrees of impact and now require market recovery. As the global economy gradually recovers, the security market is expected to exhibit an upturn in 2023.

To this end, NIHON has decided to take an active going out strategy. By participating in domestic and foreign exhibitions, NIHON has close contact with peer companies and professional buyers, obtains first-hand market information, and actively participates in the process of industry recovery.

NIHON has attended four professional exhibitions in the security field in 2023, namely the ISC West in March in USA, the IFSEC in May in UK, the Secutech in July in Vietnam and the CPSE in October in Shenzhen of China.

By attending the exhibitions in person, we not only have a more intuitive understanding of the development of the security monitoring industry, but also grasp the latest trends in the industry.

At the ISC West in USA and the IFSEC in UK, we focused on the development of high-definition surveillance equipment. High-definition surveillance equipment has become an important development trend in the security industry, and people’s demands for image clarity, real-time performance and information accuracy are constantly increasing. In addition, the application of artificial intelligence AI technology in the field of security monitoring has also been widely promoted. AI technology can not only improve the intelligence level of monitoring equipment, but also enable the rapid processing and analysis of massive data, bringing higher efficiency and broader development space to the security industry.

At the Secutech exhibition in Vietnam, we noticed that users’ needs for “specialization”, “precision” and “customization” are increasingly prominent. This means that security monitoring equipment needs to be closer to the needs of users, to provide users with more refined and personalized services. To this end, in the product development and production processes, we fully consider the different needs of users, and strive to provide users with the best quality security monitoring solutions.

And at the CPSE in Shenzhen of China, we found that the development prospects of domestic security monitoring manufacturing business are very broad. With the support of national policies, China’s security industry is ushering in a golden period of development. At the same time, with the continuous development of domestic and foreign markets, our market share in the security field is also gradually expanding. This provides a strong guarantee for NIHON’s future development, and also provides a favorable opportunity for us to further expand our business.

In the future, NIHON will continue to keep up with the pace of industry development, and continuously innovate technology and services to meet the growing needs of users. At the same time, we will further strengthen exchanges and cooperation with domestic and foreign partners to jointly promote the prosperity and development of the security industry.

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