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SMT workshop

We have 3 SMT production line , improving production technology process and management,establish a complete operation system to ensure the production of high quality products.

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Automatic machines

Vigorously develop and implement manufacturing automation,Such as automatic screw machine ,automatic focusing machine and so on , further promotes efficiency and benefit.

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MES management system

Production towards information and intelligent, Can be traced back and mistake proofing , Further guarantee and improve delivery rate(now it’s 95%)and Qualified rate of finished product(now it’s 98%).

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We are partners,we are also friends.

“Our company expresses its sincere gratitude to Shenzhen Zhongxi Security Co.,Ltd for many years of friendship and cooperation.
We have been walking side by side with Zhongxi Security for more than 13 years, and during the period of our cooperation, we have watched the company grow and develop, becoming a great professional.
Your company has become for us the ideal of mutually beneficial cooperation, the ideal of a partner who will always support in difficult times and come to the rescue.
We would like to especially note your managers and employees, their competence, efficiency and desire to do their work efficiently and in a timely manner.
We are glad that we have found such a professional partner and look forward to further cooperation.”


Purchasing director

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