The origin of the Mid-Autumn Festival

Our Mid-Autumn Festival has many legends from ancient times to the present,such as Chang’e flying to the moon, Wu Gang cutting Gui, etc. It goes without saying. Many legends have put on a mysterious color for the Mid-Autumn Festival.

But the Mid-Autumn Festival does not have so many mysterious colors for ordinary you and me. The most important thing is the word “reunion”.

“Reunion” is easy to say, but who knows, because of these two words, how many heartbroken people are in the end of the world, looking up at the bright moon, the flood of thoughts, nowhere to flow…

The Mid-Autumn Festival is full of love for NIHON team

The employees of the Chinese and Western factories come from all over the country and gather in China and the West to form a bond. This year, because the epidemic has hindered everyone from going home for reunion, most employees have to choose to stay in deep for the festival. In such a homesickness festival, the big Chinese and Western families also prepared generous Mid-Autumn gifts for everyone. The full sense of ritual also supports the homesickness of wandering wanderers.

The people and the National Day are happy together, the company and the employees are of one mind, and I wish all employees a successful Mid-Autumn Festival family reunion and a successful career. Your efforts allow us to develop together.

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