What do our partners say about us

“The supplier with the longest and most smooth cooperation”

We have been walking side by side with Zhongxi Security for more than 13 years, and during the period of our cooperation, we have watched the company grow and develop, becoming a great professional.
Your company has become for us the ideal of mutually beneficial cooperation, the ideal of a partner who will always support in difficult times and come to the rescue.


Purchasing Manager


“The most trusted partner.”

We have been working with NIHON for more than 7 years and we have been very happy and smooth in this period.
NIHON give us a lot of support, product quality is very stable. Professional service, perfect after – sale. We will continue to keep cooperation and wish NIHON  better and better.


Purchasing Director


“The most supplier of professional at production and quality control”

we have cooperated with Zhongxi security more than 10 years,we mainly bought their HD analog cameras and IP cameras,during the long time cooperation,i found out that they are very professional at production and quality control, product quality is very stable,even if there are quality problems, do not worry about it ,they can solve it very quickly ,it is a responsible company, no worrying about after sale,beside the delivery is very fast, for example, 12K-24K quantity cameras ,they can finish the production within 4 weeks,the most important point is their price is reasonable, and we always develop new products together,they are always willing to listen our idea,very smooth and happy to working with them.




“The most stable quality supplier”

Our gratitude to SHENZHEN ZHONGXI SECURITY CO.,LID for their expertise and expertise in matters of production of security video equipment,and also for the good quality of manufactured products,as well as for the continuous improvement and development of their model range.
we value our partner for the timely fullfilment of our orders and for the constant willingness to discuss technical issues and adapt their products to the wishes of the customer.
we are also grateful to SHENZHEN ZHONGXI SECURITY CO.,LTD for its flesible pricing policy and openness regarding the terms of shipment and payment for the supplied prodcuts and are confident in further fruitful cooperation in the field of prodcution and supplier of video surveillance equipment.


Chief Executive Officer

The truth of the client

Customer Satisfaction Evaluation

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