Early In 2010 years, in accordance with the requirements of Shenzhen Federation of Trade Unions and Futian Federation of Trade Unions, NIHON implemented the national laws and regulations, established the company’s trade union. Since founded, the union become a bridge of communication between all staff and the company.

In daily work, the trade unions has gotten strong supports from NIHON,Mediating labor disputes according to law, Safeguarding employees’ rights and interests, Caring about women workers and employees in difficulties, Carring out “heart-warming activities” to solve practical difficulties for employees, Launching the “Staff Library” and organizing collective outdoor expanding activities,strive to enrich employees’ amateur cultural life.

Since 2016, we hold regular birthday party for workers every month. Everyone sings, shares food, gave small gifts for each other…The party is simple but solemn,which makes employees deeply feel the care and warmth of the company, and imperceptibly connects the company and individuals.


After some years construction and development, the employees’ recognition of the trade unions and the company has gradually deepened.Employees work diligently, while the company always concerns about the employees, which creates favorable conditions for building a harmonious labor relationship.

On 21st Sep.2018, According to the instructions of the superior trade union, NIHON conducted the second general election of the trade union members. The staff members actively participated in and cast a vote full of trust. After voting, scrutinizing, and announcing, seven members were elected to form a new trade union committee.



During future working, the committee members will improve the construction of the Labor unions, conscientiously perform their duties, continue to serve all employees, let everyone have a sense of belonging, let the company have new vitality, and add new impetus to the company’s market competition.

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