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Testing of the company’s products

Zhongxi Securtiy Factory Introduction

Zhongxi Security factory is a professional OEM/ODM factory,which with advanced production equipments & automated production machines,Strict testing standards and advanced testing equipments.

Air Tightness Testing

We make 100% waterproof testing for outdoor camera,With the help of air tightness detection equipment, it can very accurately detect whether the device is waterproof or not.

SMT workshop

SMT workshop is the necessary part for mainboard production. NIHON factory has 3 own Production Lines with competitive products in the market. Manual inspection is the double guarantee ensure the PCB quality.

Temp & Humidity Testing

NIHON factory owns the Temp & Humidity Test Machine which up to national and International standard. Temperature setting range is between -45℃ to 155℃. It’ll ensure our products work well in extreme cold or hot conditions all around the world.

Focus Adjustment

Focusing is the vital step before assembling the camera on the production line. The Focusing Workshop strictly follows the 6S Dust-Free standard. Focusing can ensure that the lens is in focus and each camera will get the clear image. Our Automatic Focusing Machine can achieve precise focusing, which greatly improves production efficiency and reduces human error.

Lightning Strike Testing

Lightning Strike Test is simulating the high voltage and detecting the lightning protection and compression resistance of the camera in thunderstorm weather,which ensure the equipment works well even in outdoor harsh conditions.