Possible Cause 1: The camera does not support coaxial functionality

Solution: Make sure the camera motherboard is configured with a coaxial function or not, if you check the BOM, you can normally see (CC) logo behind the model on the mother board.


Possible Cause 2:The DVR protocol is not set or operated in the right way

Solution: Firstly find the PTZ interface of DVR,make sure that the PTZ interface is coaxial control instead of RS485 control, then set the PTZ protocol to coaxial, and the protocol can be changed to the corresponding mode protocol.

Possible Cause 3: Camera’s coaxial protocol and DVR ‘s is incompatible

Solution: This situation is generally caused by mismatch of coaxial operation and actual match, or part of the button function is abnormal, or completely out of control. The only solution is to reconnect the coaxial protocol, the customer will have to tell us the DVR model or send us the DVR directly.