Possibility 1:Network disconnection

Solution: Connect PC to the network to check if it works. Check PC for viruses or cable or network failures until PC can connect via the PING command


Possibility 2:The IP address has been occupied by other devices

Solution: Stop the connection between the IP camera and the network and connect the IP camera separately to the PC, to reset the IP address based on the recommended correct operation


Possibility 3:IP addresses are in different sub-nets

Solution: Check DVS’s IP address, sub-net mask address, and gateway settings


Possibility 4:Network physical address and IP camera conflict

Solution: Modify the physical address of the IP camera.


Possibility 5:Web port has been modified

Solution: Contact your network administrator for information


Possibility 6:Unknown

Solution: Reconnect according to RESET to default setting, default IP address is, sub-net mask is (partial special version, default IP address is, Sub-net mask